Water, what’s important about it?

Water, what’s important about it?

Did you know that water was an essential nutrient? It’s essential because our bodies need it to function properly, but our bodies do not produce water, we have to replenish it, by drinking it daily. Most people take water for granted, it’s not interesting, it has no taste, and it doesn’t seem to do very much, but in reality, water participates in every chemical reaction and function in our body, and is a huge part of every cell, even cell transport. The standard recommended amount of water per day is 60 – 80 ounces, or 8 – 10 cups per day.


Our bodies are about 60 – 70 percent water with our muscles carrying the greatest amount and then the fat cells. A well-nourished body can go about 6 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water or fluids. After about three days your body systems begin to malfunction. The body can conserve or store energy, but it cannot conserve water. We lose water daily through perspirations, breathing, urinating, and crying.


Water is responsible for so many important functions taking place in our bodies, to name a few; water helps regulate the body temperature by releasing it in the form of sweat when we are overheating, or when we need to cool down. Also, my favorite reason to drink water is because water helps to rid the body of toxic waste products. When you drink water, waste products are produced as a result of digestion, exercise, breathing and all those things the body does to stay alive.


Water helps to dilute waste products, so the Kidneys are not damaged, and it helps to move the waste products out of the body through elimination.


Because the body loses water every day, and is 70% water it is critical that you replenish the body of its water supply.  I want to reiterate that the standard recommended daily amount should be 8-10 cups per day, but there’s literature that says we should be drinking half of your body weight in fluids. This means if you are a 150-pound woman you should be drinking 75 ounces of pure water per day. If you are a person who is not used to drinking pure water daily, put yourself on a water program, and give yourself 21 to 30 days to conform, after this time you will start to crave it.  


One of the first signs that a person is dehydrated or need to drink water is the foam on the lips when a person is talking, that person is beginning to experience symptoms of dehydration, or when a person urinates and it is golden brown and has a strong scent, this person is becoming or is dehydrated. If you experience any of these symptoms do not hesitate to contact your Primary Care Provider for instructions.


Drink your water, it’s super important to your health, and AGE GRACEFULLY...



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