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Do you struggle with caring for your aging loved one at home? Overwhelmed by all the appointments, referrals and decisions to be made?

If your older loved one has 2 or more chronic conditions AND has Medicare, for only as little as $8/month, you get your own care manager to help streamline your loved one's care.

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Your own personal care manager - paid for by Medicare - what could be better?

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More than 30% of caregivers die before the one they're caring for. More than 40% of caregivers have signs of depression. Help is available. Use it, and get your life back.

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5 / 5

TruCare is amazing!! When I couldn't understand why 2 Dr's we're telling me 2 different opinions, Shemika boiled it down for me in simple terms and by taking the time and helping me figure out what was best for me really gave me strength. She listened, provided choices, was patient with my emotional outbursts and helped me thru a very tough time. All while I was in the comfort of my home. SO much better then going to the Dr's office and waiting forever! Thank you for giving me my peace back!

Rosanna Gray
5 / 5

Even though I have only known Shemika Carter-Mitchell a short while, I have grown to fully admire her and appreciate her candor, knowledge and compassion. She is highly knowledgeable about services available, as well as the process of aging and health issues associated with aging in general. Since I live out of state and am not privy to California’s services and procedures, it has been extraordinarily helpful to me to have her lead the care team for my mom.

Shemika is highly dependable and has great follow through, keeping communication open and ongoing, imparting the most recent updates to issues. She goes out of her way to help me, and my family navigate this very trying time. She calls me after working long hours and spends a lot of time gathering history and helping with formulating a plan of action to help my mother transition as peacefully and as well as she is able. Shemika has come to the house to help in times of urgency and is excellent at being diplomatic with delicate issues.

Being a Social Worker, myself, Shemika is able to discuss clinical issues with me, but will then communicate with the rest of my family in a way that is clear, concise and understandable to them. And she does so with the utmost care and compassion. She has the knowledge, resources and the ability to be creative and think of things that will help to fill in the gap of services that is very individualized and specific to the special needs of my mom and my dad, who is caring for her.

I am very appreciative of all that Shemika does for me and my family and I highly recommend her for all of your care needs,

Dana Erickson

Dana Erickson
5 / 5

TruCare Telehealth has really helped me to understand the logistics of my medical predisposition in a way that is profound, and this new shared information has allowed me to look at my health, and my approach through another lens, and to combat it in a more compassionate and holistic way. Instead being overly critical, and judgmental of my weight loss success, or lack there of. I’ve learned to embrace it.

Lamb's World
5 / 5

Nurse Shemika helped me understand what the doctor was telling me, she reviewed my lab work and explained to me what I needed to do next, she was on the phone with me during my appointment so communication between myself and the health care provider was clear. As a result I was referred for follow up care compared to go about it alone. She will go far and beyond to assist you with your medical needs.

W. Coleman
5 / 5

I enjoyed the concern and consistency of Mrs. Mitchell while you are under her care. She takes time to answer questions with or without appointments. She is brilliant with respecting the HIPAA Law and respecting patient confidentiality. I like to call her Dr. NP she is the best at what she does. She recommends that you give her a copy of your most recent lab work in order to fulfill her job based on the patient individual needs. Be sure to include allergy test or disclose the information if you are aware of any. Shemika is the first person I call before reaching of to my primary physician, I am grateful for her dedication to her clients/patients and her work. Thank you so much !!!!!

Jerry Artis
5 / 5

I set up a house call for my 94 year old grandmother to receive B12 shot. Shemika went above and beyond, even helping to change her after a bed wetting accident! She could have given the shot and left but she was kind and gentle! Love Love Love her bedside manner ♥️

Motivated and Determined
5 / 5

‘What we don’t know can make another world.’ I knew nothing about Chronic Care Management Services for the Elderly. I was introduced to Shameka Mitchell a Nurse Practicsioner that was referred to me by a Doctor friend. She worked for True Care Telehealth Company and my Doctor friend spoke very highly of her.

Shameka called me and I told her about my wife and Our health condition both seniors in our eighty’s. She listen very intently and then mention what True Care Company does for their senior clients. I was shocked, asking myself “why haven’t I heard about this service before.”

My biggest question…WHAT’S THE COST? I was even hesitant to ask and I did not. I won’t go into what questions we needed answered and what help was needed. Once learning about True Care and meeting with Shameka we could not afford the service, we thought.

Shameka called a couple days later to see what we thought. I mention to her that my wife has been suffering from constipation most of her life and I have tried everything to give her some relief. Shameka said She will come by later to offer her help. She payed her house-visit and it was a success. I ask what I owed and she said it is covered by your insurance.

Thank God for True Care Tele Health Company and Shameka Mitchell.

Satisfied Client


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